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CD přehrávače Shanling

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Shanling TEMPO EC1B

This CD player has Sliver or Black version EC1B it's support USB key to directly play your sound file via USB key this cd player support USB key to read your digital music such...

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Shanling CD-S100

This CD player has Sliver / Gold / Black color This is Shanling CD-100 this cd player support USB key to read your digital music such like WAV: .wav AAC: .M4a, .3gp, .MP4 WMA:...

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Shanling CD-T100MKII

Product function:  1. True balanced full vacuum tube output, RCA and XLR  2. Digital input and USB input added  3. Can be functioned as a high end DAC  4. Top loading...

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Shanling T600

Product function:  1. PHILIPS CD-PRO movement module.  2. Multiple anti vibration system  3. New research and development of high stability heavyweight chassis, to eliminate...

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Shanling CD1.2

CRYSTAL CS8422 as digital reciever BB PCM1796 as converter BB OPA2134 as I/V converter BB OPA2134 as low-pass filter 12AU7 tube for outputing R shape transformer high standard...

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Shanling SCD1

Specifications: Output: 2.0V Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz(-0.5dB) DNR: >95dB THD:

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